So, you’ve decided to become a certified personal trainer?

You have many options for personal training certification, but no other program of personal trainer courses is as comprehensive and hands-on as The Fitness Trainer Academy. Our graduates are NASM Certified Personal Trainers.

What makes us so good?

Hands-on Curriculum
We offer a *15-week (Saturdays Only), 60+hour program of in-class, in-gym instruction. Unlike other personal trainer certification programs that only provide an online certification, FTA recognizes the importance of hands-on work and its vital role in educating the best, most job-ready personal trainers.
Let’s face it, as a certified personal trainer, you’ll be working with people, hands on. To prepare you to work, our personal trainer courses are developed with a rock-solid program that encourages you to interact in the gym with fitness professionals as well as other personal training students.