About Our Program

Our program provides the most hands-on experience possible to earn your training credentials. We offer a very unique and convenient education option for prospective trainers.

  • Frequent Start Dates: Every (2) weeks
  • Affordable Cost & Multiple Enrollment Options
  • Hands-On Eduction, Combined With Interactive Lectures
  • All Of Our Programs Are Taught Out Of Gyms, Not Office Building Classrooms
  • All Of Our Instructors Are Trainers
  • Job Placement Services Provided
  • NASM Academic Partner
  • We Offer Both Personal Training And Sports Nutrition Education

Program Schedule

As already stated, we have frequent start dates (every 2 weeks). When you are ready to get started, you can start working towards your certification right away. Once enrolled, our class schedules are tailored to accommodate those already working a full time job and may not have the flexibility to attend class full time. We offer one day a week class schedules to allow for a stress free learning experience. We have both Saturdays (only) and Monday (only) class schedules available.

  • Saturdays Or Mondays (Only) For (10) Weeks
  • Houston Campus Offerings: Saturday’s (Only) 11:45-3:45PM
  • Austin Campus Offerings: Saturday’s (Only) 10:00-2:00PM or Monday’s (Only) 9:00-1:00PM

The Program Curriculum

Our curriculum is a blend of content from NASM’s CPT material, Sports Nutrition material and Hands-On (in gym) practical application activities. Many programs try to separate personal training and nutrition, we don’t see how you could do one without the other. Our program emphasizes the understanding of how training can be greatly enhanced by appropriate dietary recommendations for clients. While training science and nutrition are very important, our comprehensive curriculum doesn’t stop with the science and theory behind training. We also help build your training confidence with hands-on activities and immersion in no traditional lifting modalities. If you learn best, hands-on in a practical setting, you will thrive in our program.

  • Personal Training & Sports Nutrition Empyhsis
  • Hands-On (in-gym) Practical Approach To Education

Our (5) Section Program Cycle

Our program doesn’t require you to enroll in different classes or any of the headaches that come will a traditional college education. Your course work is broken up into (5) independent sections, each with a different emphasis. Each section of the course is (2) weeks each and allow us to enroll new groups of students every (2) weeks. Students that have been in the program for up to four weeks are mixed with students that have just started, which allows for mentoring and leadership opportunities as a student progresses through the program.

Our (5) Sections:

  • Human Body Systems
  • Nutrition  & Supplementation
  • Assessments & Corrective Exercise
  • Biomechanics & Exercise Programming
  • Trainer Business Development


Job Placement Services

Highly qualified trainers with hands-on training are highly saute after in the fitness industry. The fitness industry is unfortunately flooded with “coaches” or “fitness instructors” with no formal training or certifications. Our graduates stand out form the crowd, with not only the right credentials, but also professional hands-on experience. We provide a list of independent training facilities that are always taking on trainers, a list of open employment positions from employers that have contacted us, help facilitate interviews for employers graduates are interested in working for and occasionally bring in employers that are looking to hire a hand full of our trainers right away.

  • Constantly Updated List Of Independent Training Facilities
  • Constantly Updated List Of Open Employment Positions
  • Interview Preparation & Facilitation
  • Employer Job Fairs