Inside the Program

Our Hybrid personal training certification program provides students with the most flexible way possible to earn their training credentials while still learning how to practically apply their knowledge. This program option is for those that are self motivated, and have a strong exercise background. The program is half online, using interactive learning modules with a dedicated instructor only being a call, email or text away. The other half of the program allows the student to attend and participate in all the hands-on activities that are performed in our strictly on-campus classes. These activities include the nutrition portion of the course along with advanced exercise programming techniques and utilizing unconventional training modalities (i.e. Kettlebells, Olympic Lifting, Suspension Training, etc.)

Learn From Anywhere

Hybrid students complete study their lecture content from anywhere with an internet connection. While students will cover the book and lecture materials primarily on their own, they are always under the guidance of a dedicated instructor. The dedicated instructor is available any time the student has a question. Our student learning system provides lecture slides shows that make some of the NASM book content more clear as well as lecture videos and other additional resources. Students who choose this learning option will be required to come in every other week for the hands-on practical training portion of the course.

Flexible Learning 50/50 Online & Hands-on

We have a reputation of being a hands-on program and we are proud of that, however we understand some individuals just have a crazy schedule or live to far from one of our campuses to drive each week. This is why we created our Hybrid personal training certification option. Students only have to commit (5) days of physical attendance, instead of our traditional (10). Students study the lecture material and book content on their own and come in every other week for hands-on activities related to the material covered.

Schedule Options

We offer convenient, one day every other week, course schedule options. Most of our students are transitioning into a new fitness career while still working a full time job, so we have setup our schedules options for after work and on weekends to make it easy.

Austin Campus:  Every Other Saturday’s 10-2pm or Thursday 6-9pm

Houston (Galleria Area) Campus: Every Other Saturday 11:45-3:45pm

Houston (Spring Area) Campus: Every Other Tuesday 6-9pm *Schedule option not yet active, but let us know you are interested!

Financing Details

In-House Financing: Our in-house financing program allows students to break the tuition into smaller monthly payments. Our current financing plan includes a $399 down payment and (8) monthly payments of $199.  Our default payment date is the 15th, but billing date can be changed upon request. If you have a bit of a unique financial situation, contact us to see if we can create a plan that works for your finances.

PayPal Credit: If you opt to use PayPal credit to finance your program, you will get all the perks of paying in full, but have the flexibility to pay the tuition amount over 6 months or more. Contact us to learn more about this new option. [Lean more about PayPal Credit]

*Note, only individuals that pay in full will have the NASM-CPT exam and re-test voucher included with their enrollment package. Students that elect to use our financing plan will need to purchase an exam when they are ready to take it. We extend our NASM partner discount to students when purchasing the exam. If you have additional questions, please contact us.