Accelerate Your Education With Both Online & On Campus Learning

Are you a motivated individual looking to dive into a personal training career?

Why Hybrid?

Our hybrid program start online and finish in the classroom. We offer all of our programs with a hybrid option. We would love everyone to make the time to attend our on campus classes, but we understand that career changers just don’t have the time in some cases. This is why we started offering a HYBRID option for each course. Its a blend of online and on-campus learning. Each course has a dedicated instructor for both your online and hands-on portion of your course.  The instructor you start with online will be the one taking you through you paces during your intensive (1) day clinic. Our hands-on clinics are usually scheduled over the weekend and most times on Saturdays.

Start and Finish Faster!

Our hybrid programs are accelerated in regards to their completion times. Our on campus classes meet just once a week, but since your learning from the comport of your home, work or anywhere all week…we push down the gas pedal on your course work. You can complete your Personal Training Certification or Strength Coach Certification in just (6) weeks, and earn a Fitness Nutrition Specialization Certificate in just (3) short weeks.