What Is The Fitness Trainer Academy?The Fitness Trainer Academy and NASM

The Fitness Trainer Academy (FTA) is the top hands-on personal trainer certification career school in Texas. Our mission at FTA is to provide those looking to
become certified personal trainers more than just textbook knowledge and a certification. Not only will each student receive one of the industries top most recognized personal trainer certifications, but in addition they will get 60+ hours of both classroom and gym floor training. This provides each student with
valuable hands-on experience that can’t be found anyplace else. The knowledge and experience that is provided through the FTA personal trainer certification course is above and beyond other programs.

FTA Is An Official NASM Provider / Partner

FTA has joined forces with the most recognized personal trainer certification in the fitness industry. This means that becoming a personal trainer through FTA, you will receive not only the FTA Personal Trainer Certificate and 60+ hours of hands-on training, but The National Academy Of Sports Medicine (NASM) personal trainer certification as well.

The NASM certification is the most sought after certification in the personal trainer industry, as its systems and methodologies represent the “gold standard” in fitness. In fact, the organization’s certifications require the most comprehensive knowledge of:

  • human movement science
  • functional anatomy
  • physiology and kinesiology
  • functional assessment and program design

Combining FTA and NASM Personal Trainer Certifications, we create trainers who have the knowledge and experience to be leaders in the fitness industry. You will be prepared on all fronts to make personal training a successful and lucrative career.

Details On The Fitness Trainer Academy Course

Our 15-week course is broken down into 5 primary sections. Each of these sections is completed individually before taking your final comprehensive exam. Each of these sections is designed to enhance your ability as a future fitness professional and fuel your success.

SECTION 1:  Anatomy and Physiology

In section 1Anatomy and Physiology, FTA Schools, each personal trainer student is required to get a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology. With the A&P section you will cover the kinetic chain, muscular system, skeletal system, and nervous system. You will also discuss functional anatomy including each joint action, agonist/antagonist, prime movers, etc.  

Often times anatomy courses can get very complicated and honestly overwhelming.  At FTA we have teamed up with top level educators and NASM to provide a more practical look at A&P.  For Personal Trainers, it is ultimately important to assure that all of our content is practical and makes sense in conjunction with the Fitness Trainers career path.  You will find a much more relateble anatomy course than you may be expecting, with lots of hands on activities to go along with it.   MORE ABOUT THIS SECTION

SECTION 2:  Advanced Sports Nutrition and Weight Management

Sports Nutrition Specialist, FTA SchoolsSports Nutrition is an incredibly important aspect of any fitness professionals job and is a rapidly growing industry. At FTA we were passionate about developing a Sports Nutrition section that was a level above other certification programs.  With such an evolving industry, it was important that we took things above and beyond the traditional text book knowledge.

We offer a detailed look at nutrition that will enhance your ability to develop your client’s current diet regimen. Understanding metabolism, bioenergetics, both macro & micro nutrient recommendations, sports supplementation, and much more. Our sports nutrition section has been said to be one of FTA’s biggest program highlights.  MORE ABOUT THIS SECTION

SECTION 3:  Assessments Of Performance & Health

aport_20151009_0626-2When on-boarding a new client it’s extremely important to take them through pre screening non exercise and exercise related assessments.  To build a safe and effective exercise program, you must first understand your clients current status.  Postural analysis, body composition testing, muscular strength, flexibility, and aerobic capacity are all examples of pre-program assessments.  In addition a trainer can assure the success of each client, by keeping an accurate log of each client’s progress, based on their starting scores.

An unfortunate truth that many fitness professionals simply don’t implement assessments, and in many cases don’t
track objective data on their clients progress.  One of the primary roles of a personal trainer is to assure the client is overcoming plateus and continuing their progress.  The best way to keep each client moving forward towards their goals is mastering the core principles and tools you will learn in this section.  MORE ABOUT THIS SECTION

SECTION 4:  Biomechanics & Program Design

Biomachanics and program design, FTA schoolsA solid understanding of biomechanics is a necessity for each personal trainer.  Understanding the human mechanics of joint levers, center of gravity, external/internal force production and anatomical planes of motion, will enhance the trainer’s ability to correctly implement each exercise with proper form and range of motion.

In addition, each personal trainer student will learn the ins and outs of designing a workout program. This includes the NASM OPT Model, Linear and Nonlinear Periodization, as well as progression techniques.



SECTION 5:  The Business Of Fitness & Trainer Confidence

Fitness Business Development, FTA SchoolsIt is important to recognize that the personal training career in many cases is a commission based job. Learning how to sell yourself and market your business becomes a huge advantage when starting your career. At FTA, unlike other programs, we implement a business management section that will teach you how to boost your business with sales tactics, marketing strategies, and overall interaction with your potential and current clients.


Stop looking for how to become a certified personal trainer and join our 15-week program at The Fitness Trainer Academy. Choose our program for the best hands-on experience and personal trainer certifications in the nation.