The Fitness Trainer Academy (FTA) is the best personal trainer certification program in Texas. Be program we offer has (3) primary goals. (1) We want each student to leave the course with a nationally accredited and accepted certification. This is why we partner with NASM, the best personal training certification in the industry. (2) We want each student to understand not only how to create workouts, but also how to accent those workouts with proper, goal specific, nutrition programs. (3) Lastly, we want each student to feel prepared to start training and prospecting from clients immediately after completing their course. We have one entire section (2 weeks) dedicated to helping students understand opportunities available to them and and spend 20+ hours providing practical training simulations so that students can practice training others in a gym setting as they will be doing every day in their career.

Personal Training And Sports Nutrition

In addition to the personal training curriculum, we also cover sports nutrition during each student’s program.  At the end of the program, students receive a sports nutrition specialization certificate. Our sports nutrition certificate lets clients and employers know you have additional training in sports nutrition. In our minds, students cannot become effective trainers without having a mastery of both exercise and nutriton. We spend two weeks covering nutrition science (bioenergetics), metabolic calculations and client behavioral support.

We Are An Official NASM Provider

The Fitness Trainer Academy has joined forces with the most recognized personal trainer certification in the fitness industry, The National Academy of Sports Nutrition (NASM). The NASM certification is the most sought after certification in the personal trainer industry. NASM’s  curriculum and methodologies represent the “gold standard” in fitness education. In fact, NASM requires the most comprehensive knowledge of:

  • Human Movement Science
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Physiology and Kinesiology
  • Functional Assessment and Program Design
  • Corrective Exercise Protocols

The pairing of FTA’s hands-on curriculum and NASM Personal Trainer Certification is a perfect combination. We produce the most knowledgeable and confident trainers in the industry, who are  ready to be leaders in the fitness industry.

Se our official NASM partner listing here: [view NASM partner list]

What Students Are Saying

“My experience was great, the instructor was very nice and helped me through everything I needed assistance with.”

Robinson Y.

“Great instructor who made all domains of the course simple to learn while still going into depth on each topic. I learned a lot of new information to be further used outside of personal training and topics to expand knowledge on for future fitness education.”

Clay M.

“Being in the program helped me learn how to work with people who want to have a healthier life. I also discovered how much I love helping people achieve them goals of having a healthy life style.”

Jennifer G.

“I thought the course was great, learned a lot of information that I’m using now. The instructor was a great! He made sure we knew what we needed and took the time and went as fast as the slowest person. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to be in fitness.”

Jorge B.

“I truly enjoyed the course and absolutely loved our instructor. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to truly grasp this information and be able to confidently apply it as a fitness professional. Thank you for an amazing experience and for giving me the tools I need to become successful in my career!”

Demi R.

“This program gave me the knowledge and hands-on experience I needed. The instructors are all amazing and made it easy to grasp any complex material.”

Duane S.

“I thought the course was great, very informative and really did help boost my overall confidence. I would definitely recommend to friends and family.”

Kambryn T.