Registering For Personal Certification Classes

We offer start dates every 3rd week throughout the year. Feel free to register for start dates up to 3 months out. Start dates are subject to change if we decide to take a holiday off

Personal Training Certification Class Schedule by Location

Austin, TX (Pflugerville): 10-2pm Saturday’s only [10 weeks]

Houston, TX (Galleria): 11:45-3:45pm Saturday’s only [10 weeks]

Personal Training Certification Classes 2018 Start Dates

  • May 19th (All Campuses)
  • June 9th (All Campuses)
  • June 16th (All Campuses)
  • June 23rd (All Campuses)
  • July 7th(All Campuses)
  • July 21st (All Campuses)
  • August 4th (All Campuses)
  • August 18th (All Campuses)
  • September 1st (All Campuses)
  • September 15th (All Campuses)
  • September 29th (All Campuses)
  • October 6th (All Campuses)
  • October 13th (All Campuses)
  • October 27th (All Campuses)
  • November 10th (All Campuses)
  • December 1st (All Campuses)
  • December 15th (All Campuses)