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Helping people has always been something that I’ve loved doing. Fitness, has also been something that has intrigued me since I was a child. How the body works, what nutrition will do for you, what works and what doesn’t. More importantly, WHY it works and why something doesn’t work. I’ve enjoyed every minute of training; the passion you feel through the client’s rate of perceived exertion, the satisfaction they feel when they start noticing results, even noticing neural adaptations such as stabilizer muscles strengthening to enhance proper form. That’s when I knew personal training was for me. I earned my Certified Personal Trainer certification as well as a certification in Sports Nutrition from Professional Fitness Trainer Association, a school that was so insightful I did not want it to end! I’ve earned additional nationally recognized certifications to continue my education following The Fitness Trainer Academy. However, none of them came close to the knowledge that I learned at The Fitness Trainer Academy. Especially the hands on portion of the class, which really gives you that, “I’m ready to train!” feel! Upon completion of the course I began my fitness career at Spectrum Athletic Clubs which a few months later was bought by Gold’s Gym. I relocated to Austin and spent another year at Gold’s Gym and worked my way up to one of the top ten trainers of the nation consistently month after month! Following this, I then decided to open up and expand my own small business, Brad’s Personal Training and my website,facebook.com/BradsPersonalTraining. Here I can truly say I’m living the dream! I recommend The Fitness Trainer Academy with lead instructor CJ Woodruff to any fitness enthusiast ready to turn their dreams into a reality and to share that passion with others!

 From Brad Strilchuck, The Fitness Trainer Academy-CPT, The Fitness Trainer Academy-CSN, NCCPT-CPT,

The Fitness Trainer Academy provided me with the tools to become a successful fitness professional. I’m not only a personal trainer and a current instructor at The Fitness Trainer Academy but I’m am a game changer in the fitness community around me. With an extensive curriculum and hands on training program, The Fitness Trainer Academy gave me all the tools I needed to become a professional in this business. By the same token I was also able to use the knowledge I acquired to get in the best shape of my life and compete in my 1st fitness show. This has made it easy for me to coach my clients through dynamic transformations and enhance their fitness capacities no matter what level they start at. If you would like to be a personal trainer any online certification will get you there. However, if you would like to go beyond that and become an expert in fitness concepts and nutrition and have the ability to make an impact on your client’s lives,   The Fitness Trainer Academy is essential to your success!

 From Jeremy Turner, The Fitness Trainer Academy Program Specialist, The Fitness Trainer Academy-CPT, The Fitness Trainer Academy-CSN, NCCPT-CPT,

“It has been great working with The Fitness Trainer Academy  they have a top notch program and really provide all the skills needed to not only become a personal trainer but how to turn helping others into a profitable business. I would highly recommend The Fitness Trainer Academy Schools to anyone looking to help other by becoming a personal trainer!”

From David Lee Nall, Owner of Naturally Fit

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the help and PRICELESS knowledge The Fitness Trainer Academy provided me with. Shortly after receivng my certificaiton, I was hired at Golds Gym. I now provide guidance to others by helping them change their life through nutrition and fitness. The Fitness Trainer Academy not only provided me with the the education but has allowed me to have a career within the fitness industry. I highly recommend The Fitness Trainer Academy school to those individuals seeking more than just an online certification but a solid foundation to prepare one within the fitness industry. Thanks to the staff who made the classes fun and enjoyable.”

From Ramon Lindo

“In the past, I researched different programs, which have all been on-line. I could never find a course that offered “real-time” training in a classroom environment, until I came across The Fitness Trainer Academy. The course was very informative and personal. Course material was thorough and hands-on training awesome. This class has opened the door for me and I’m sure it will open the door for you. The Fitness Trainer Academy is my recommendation if you want to get certified!”

From Ismail Edwards, The Fitness Trainer Academy Student Trainer

“I attended The Fitness Trainer Academy in the summer of 2008. The Fitness Trainer Academy changed my life and body! I was overweight before attending the program and didn’t have much direction in life. After graduating from the class I utilized the lessons and lost 15% body fat, and have maintained at body fat % of 5-8% ever since. I actually landed a job before i ever even graduated from this class. Based on the knowledge I had obtained just in the first few weeks of class, I was able to impress the fitness manager at a local gym and was hired just a few weeks after starting the class. Since then I have instructed corporate and public boot camps,  juggled as many as 10 clients at a time, and  become a gym manager due to the knowledge and and self confidence I revived from attending  The Fitness Trainer Academy.”

From Colbi Bruce -  The Fitness Trainer Academy Certified Personal Trainer /  General Manager Anytime Fitness

Graduating from The Fitness Trainer Academy has taken my career to the next level. CJ was an amazing instructor who made sure the entire class would graduate with confidence. I am so glad I chose The Fitness Trainer Academy where I can get HANDS ON training. I also want to stress how awesome it is that you not only graduate with a certification for training, but nutrition as well. The nutrition end of things is so important when helping other achieve their fitness goals. I now have hands on training and online sales in nutrition and program design. Katie Cates Fitness couldn’t have done it with out the help of CJ and The Fitness Trainer Academy San Antonio, TX.”

From Katie Cates – Owner / Operator www.KatieCates.com


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