It is that time of the year! New Years resolutions are upon us. As you may know, resolutions can sometimes be difficult to stick to, especially when it comes to diet and exercise. Well no worries, The Fitness Trainer Academy is here to the rescue! We have put together 5 quick tips that may just help you to finally stick to that New Years resolution.

Tip #1: Dedicate More Time To Yourself

Learn to put yourself first. So many times we overwhelm ourselves with life in general. Have you ever stopped to really evaluate your life and notice you don’t truly spend much time on YOU? This is very common and can be especially destructive in the long run.

It is said that you can’t love someone else until you love yourself. Taking time out of your day for “Me Time” can not only be beneficial for you, but may be beneficial to those around you. If you’re making the resolution to GET FIT and STAY FIT, make it okay to prioritize yourself.

Tip #2: Specify

Don’t choose broad goals. Many times we start a journey without really nailing down what the ultimate goal is. For instance, how many times do you see people say “I want to lose weight” but don’t get specific with it? Is your goal to lose 2 pounds or 10?

It is a well known fact that documenting your goals and trying to really get specific will help you to ultimately reach them. When you create a broad generalization you tend to allow yourself more slack. This is where excuses can creep in. Look to setting specific goals with your fitness.

Tip #3: Lets Get Real

Okay, so you have created specific goals, but are they realistic? One of the biggest reasons we see people not reaching their fitness and nutrition goals is due to unrealistic expectations that people set for themselves. This can take a certain level of knowledge and experience (this is where hiring a personal trainer can come into play).

Your long term goal may be to lose 100 lbs or gain 20 lbs of muscle, BUT when you fall short of this goal within the first year you may get discouraged and possibly fall off the wagon. A good way to side step this is by setting realistic short term goals as well as having a bigger long term goal.

Tip #4 Surround Yourself With Support

We tend to be a product of our environment. Your friends and family closest to you tend to be big factors that influence your lifestyle. Many times we don’t even realize it’s happening. I’ve seen many clients struggle to stay true to their new fitness lifestyle because they don’t have the support group they need.

I often see close friends being discouraging to those on a fitness journey, simply because they don’t understand. They live a different lifestyle and find it easier if you fall in suit with their ways of doing things. Do yourself a favor and try to surround yourself with those on a similar mission as you. This will really come in hand, especially when the journey gets tough.

Tip #5 Get A Personal Trainer

Just like most things, having a professional on hand should be a must. Most people tend to try and do it themselves, and we are not discouraging that. Most likely, you wouldn’t go to court without hiring a lawyer. Often times, you find yourself spinning your tires. Many people start their journey with little to no knowledge of how to accomplish their goals and find themselves randomly making their way around the gym without truly having a plan.

This is where a fitness pro can come into play. A Personal Trainer can evaluate your goals and help you to find ways to avoid plateaus as well as choose the best route for you to take. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of variables that surround your fitness and nutrition goals. A trainer’s job is to customize a program that is tailored specifically to you. Having a professional on hand can easily make or break your progress.

New Year's Resolutions, list of items
New Year’s Resolutions, list of items