One of the largest barrier to starting any fitness business or your own home gym is the cost of equipment. What if you could build your own equipment? Sounds awesome, right? Well you can thank us later, get out the drill and hacksaw now!


Wood Jump Boxes

They are only wood, so why are they so expensive? LABOR!

Watch this video to create your own jump boxes under $25.


Battle Ropes

This is easy, but your not going to find 1.5″ to 2″ thick ropes in your local hardware store unless you’re near a dock! Order some rope from these guys (Knot and Rope Supply). Order any length you want and throw some electrical tape around the ends for handles. Make sure to order double the amount of rope you want for the length you desire as you will be doubling it around an anchor point of some kind (ex: a 40′ rope will make a 20′ battle rope).


PVC Parallettes (Dip station/agility hurdles)

You could go my hurdles or professional dip bars for about $100 a piece or you could create your own for under $20 each with PVC.

Watch this video to learn the ins and outs of making these parallettes.


Suspension Trainer (spoiler not actually DIY)

Tell TRX to keep their expensive contraption! These olympic rings from amazon are so inexpensive that I would recommend you utilize that amazon prime account and pull the trigger! Check these (link to rings)  out for as little as $21 instead of the insane $99 minimum for TRX.


Keep on the lookout for more DIY equipment added to this post!