Maybe you are looking to earn your personal training certification and your wondering how you will utilize it to make money. Most trainers that have been in the industry a few years have a genuine passion for helping people, but wanting to help people doesn’t always come hand in hand with money. It’s up to you to connect the dots. Trainers must fill in the (?) in the success plan.

The Success Plan

Passion > Certification > (?) > Making Money

Ways to Make Money as a Trainer

At The Fitness Trainer Academy we coach our students to diversify income and use that diversity to drive client sales pipelines.

Types of training income:

  • One on One Fitness Training
  • Small Group Fitness Training
  • Large Group Fitness Training
  • Weekend Fitness Boot Camps
  • Seminars or Events
  • Online Training or Nutrition Coaching
  • Referral and Affiliate Programs

Here is an example of how a pipeline works…

  1. Posting workouts on social media
  2. Offering followers free weekend boot camp or seminar
  3. They may sign up for online training or start attending regular fitness boot camps or a large format group fitness class with you
  4. You identify some people that might need a higher level of coaching, so they move to small group or one on one fitness training
  5. All along the way, you can refer clients to other professionals and products and collect commissions.

One on One and small group training is typically the best per hour rate ($45-75hr). Large group format classes cost less per session, but can add up quickly. Seminars, boot camps, events are good one time income and prospecting generators. Online training and nutrition coaching typically takes little dedicated time, but also expands the geographic location you can prospect for clients.

This type of training sales pipeline works in any situation. No matter if you’re a trainer at Golds gym or working as an independent training facility.