It’s a new year, and you are about to get a flood of new clients who are looking to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions. However, everyone knows that gyms are full January 1st, but by February 15th, they are empty again. Because of this New Year’s phenomenon, we do our best to provide you with the right motivation to earn your personal trainer certification in San Antonio so that you, in turn, can provide your clients with the kind of motivation they need to achieve their goals.

Keeping your clients motivated is one of the most difficult tasks that personal trainers face. The results of retaining your clients are positive reviews for you, growth in your business, and the satisfaction you receive knowing that you influenced someone else’s life positively. Isn’t that why you are in this business anyway? These tips are a great starting point to maintain your clients’ drive, and you will gradually learn the most effective approaches during your personal trainer courses and while working in the field.

Noticing When Your Clients Begin To Slide

You can’t encourage your clients to persevere if you don’t even notice that they are struggling. If you listen closely enough, your clients will always show you that they are losing ground and need motivating. Look for signs such as:

  • Cutting sessions short
  • Missing sessions regularly
  • Complaining about how difficult it was to come in to the gym
  • Complaining about being tired or struggling
  • Lacking a general positive attitude
  • Telling you outright that they are less motivated

Be Upfront With Your Clients

One of the best ways to gauge where your clients are is to ask them outright. Saying something like “you seem like you’re struggling with motivation lately” will open the door to have a conversation about what’s going on in their head. It is important to be approachable, understanding, and to make your clients feel like they matter and are more than a paycheck to you.

Make Clear Goals And Steps To Get There

An initial consultation is the perfect time to discuss with your clients what their goals are and why it is important that they achieve them. With these goals in mind, set clear, tangible steps to get there and remind your clients when they have achieved these smaller goals. This makes their big goals more accessible and enables them to feel like they are progressing every week.

Take Time To Reevaluate

If a client seems to be losing motivation, then it may be time to reevaluate your game plan. Some clients need more challenges, some need fewer, and as you work with each client more and more, you’ll discover what works best for them on an individual level. Readjust their smaller steps accordingly.

Stay Positive

You know with your own fitness that a positive attitude can make a seemingly impossible goal into a reality. Make sure both you and your clients are always thinking positively, especially on the days when they are struggling to get out of bed or meet their reps.

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