Our country is facing an obesity crisis. All across the United States, concerned citizens are turning to their local gyms for guidance on how to lose the extra weight and take back control of their bodies. The Fitness Trainer Academy in Texas is here to equip our students with all of the education and instruction they need to become an NASM-certified personal trainer. From sports nutrition courses to business instruction, FTA is your source for the best personal trainer certification in Houston. Today, we’ll conclude the training tips trilogy that focuses on a few basic personal trainer tips that can help your clients to gain control over their health and therefore their destiny. If you are ready to become a personal trainer, give us a call today to enroll!

Promoting Honesty

Personal trainers are similar to physicians in that patients don’t always open up about their concerns or frustrations. If your clients are upset about their results or they aren’t feeling the structure and routine you set forth, it’s crucial that they are comfortable enough to speak up. The goal of personal fitness is to achieve optimal health levels, not worry about who said what. It will fall on you as the trainer to be able to customize and tailor this fitness plan to meet your client’s needs and style. You will need honesty and open communication in order to optimize this process. Be sure you promote honesty from day one to give clients the impression that it is ok to bring forth complaints and concerns.

Avoiding the Limits

Everyone wants results right now, which is something we understand. However, pushing the limits in order to get results quicker can actually end up pushing the progress back much further. It’s vital as a personal trainer to schedule days that focus on rest and restorative practices. This day can involve simple resting, using a foam roller to work out sore muscles, or even restorative yoga to align the mind and body for recovery. Stretching the limits of the body can highly increase the chance of injury. Installing segments of recovery time will allow your client to come back rested and fresh, increasing gains much more than if you would’ve gone full-speed every day of the week!

Comprehensive Engagement

Focusing on one small area is good for specific productivity in the workout, but a full-body session is best for engaging every muscle. By offering guidance and suggestions for activities such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), your clients will be able to pursue their fitness without the need for professional assistance or the regular amount of equipment required to work out. Improving cardio while jump-starting the metabolism will make the fitness process much more enjoyable, so be sure to start your workouts with full engagement to get the best results.

Proactively working to help your clients thrive in achieving their fitness goals will be just as beneficial and rewarding to you as the wise gym guide. The Fitness Trainer Academy is proud to offer a top-notch curriculum to Texas students who are eager to join a growing, rewarding industry. If you are interested in gaining your personal trainer certification in Houston, be sure to contact us today to learn more!