Over the years, entrepreneurs have repeatedly come up with the “miracle cure” for poor personal fitness. Busy moms and former athletes alike are always looking for the perfect answer for being overweight and out of shape. Part of becoming a personal trainer involves being able to spot the workout programs that hold any value and staying away from the ones that are faultier than they say. Motivated health connoisseurs looking for personal trainer certification in Pflugerville, Houston, and San Antonio can benefit greatly with The Fitness Trainer Academy. Our fitness trainer certification program is as useful as it is comprehensive. We give students all of the tools they need to succeed, from sports nutrition courses to business management. The Fitness Trainer Academy is excited about the future of personal fitness. In order to better shape our future, though, we need to have a somewhat amusing look at the past.

Last time, we looked at a few fitness fads that failed the test of time. In today’s blog, we’ll continue this look at unproven products that didn’t make the cut, as well as a more modern issue that plagues fitness seekers of today.

Quick Abs

We’ve all seen the late night ads promising rock-hard abs in mere minutes. If this sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. Those defined six-packs you saw on the television were not the result of 480 seconds of a miracle workout. In reality, achieving washboard abs requires a full program of proper nutrition, cardio, and strength training to see any results. Doing crunches until you puke is good for core strength, yet those muscles will still hide behind untouched belly fat. Once you become a certified personal trainer, a common question that is asked is “How do I get a six-pack?” With our top-notch course, you’ll have all the answers.

Treadmill Bikes

Ever looking to go for a good run in the great outdoors but despise the environment? A treadmill bike may be right for you. The creators of this interesting product claim that it is perfect for joggers who love the treadmill but hate being inside while doing so. Customers are given the option of upgrading their bike with shiny add-ons for increased personality. While the health benefits of jogging on a treadmill are much preferred over our previously mentioned fads, the idea of running one on two wheels is puzzling. A good pair of running shoes will do you much better in the outdoors, and you’ll save a couple thousand dollars in the process!

Social Media Novices

The modern need for followers has resulted in non-certified novices leading health training programs for the unsuspecting public. While we appreciate any activity that brings a focus to working out and getting in shape, this method simply is not safe. Every client is different and will require unique assistance to maximize their results. Broadcasting to a mob will not help the individual to achieve their personal health goals. We see this as a fad that will never replace our National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainers.

The Fitness Trainer Academy is your source for the best personal trainer certification for Pflugerville, Houston, and San Antonio residents. Our staff has the knowledge and resources to optimize your learning while equipping you with all of the tools needed to thrive in this exciting industry. Contact us today to learn more and sign up!