Inside the Program

Our on-campus personal training certification program provides students with the most comprehensive experience possible. The on-campus program option is for those that learn best hands-on, using practical activities to help bridge the gap between textbook knowledge and application to real world training scenarios. Lets face it, personal training is as hands-on of a career as you can get. Shouldn’t your personal training certification program be the same? We think so!

Unconventional Training Modalities

To stand out as a personal trainer, you should have a large pool of exercises to pull from to create effective, fun and engaging workouts. During your program, as you might suspect, we will cover traditional personal training methods such as using free weights, machines and cardio equipment. However, you might be surprised to learn we will also be covering suspension training, kettlebells, group fitness, Olympic lifting and more. We aim to ensure our student are prepared to use all type of mainstream and niche equipment so they can start impressing clients and fitness managers from day one!

Using Science & Experience

The fitness industry is littered with misleading information. During our course we present the facts and hard proven science to students so that they will be able to filter through exercise and nutrition myths as well as understand which sports supplements are actually effective. Sometimes even science backed information is distorted though, this is when the experience of our instructors benefits our students. All of our instructors are also full-time personal trainers, active in the fitness community. When students ask questions such as “Will supplementing with Creatine really benefit me?” Our instructors, with their combined 50 years of personal training experience, can confidently provide a comprehensive answer using scientific fact their advanced training experience.

Schedule Options

We offer convenient, one day a week, course schedule options. Most of our students are transitioning into a new fitness career while still working a full time job, so we have schedules options for after work and on weekends to make it easy.

Austin Campus: Saturday’s 10-2pm or Thursday’s 6-9pm

Houston Campus: Saturday’s 12 – 4pm

The Woodlands Campus: Wednesday’s 6-9pm

Financing Details

In-House Financing: Our in-house financing program allows students to break the tuition into smaller monthly payments. Our current financing plan includes a $399 down payment and (6) monthly payments of $199.  Our default payment date is the 15th, but billing date can be changed upon request. If you have a bit of a unique financial situation, contact us to see if we can create a plan that works for your finances.

PayPal Credit: If you opt to use PayPal credit to finance your program, you will get all the perks of paying in full, but have the flexibility to pay the tuition amount over 6 months or more. Contact us to learn more about this new option. [Lean more about PayPal Credit]

*Note, only individuals that pay in full will have the NASM-CPT exam and re-test voucher included with their enrollment package. Students that elect to use our financing plan will need to purchase an exam when they are ready to take it. We extend our NASM partner discount to students when purchasing the exam. If you have additional questions, please contact us.