Personal Training Certification Course In Cypress Texas

Our unique combination of interactive lecture and (in the gym) hands on training, prepares students not only to pass their NASM Personal Training Certification Exam, but also prepares them to apply their new knowledge in a practical real life setting.

The opportunities for NASM certified personal trainer is endless in Cypress, Texas. Programs such as Camp Gladiator, Orange Theory, Burn Boot Camp, F45, Title Boxing and more love our graduates for their ability to adjust on the fly and use their complete understanding of human physiology and exercise programming to create the most effective exercise programs for their clients.

Available Courses & Schedules

NASM Certified Personal Trainer + Sports Nutrition Specialization Course

Duration | 10 Weeks

Schedules | Monday’s 1-4pm

Your Cypress Course Instructor

Max Turner – Masters in Kinesiology and full time personal trainer for many years.

Not only does Max has his masters in Kinesiology, which would more than qualify him for teaching our course, he also has 20+ years experience working as a full time personal trainer/fitness manager. Max not only has the book smarts, he also understand the ins and outs of the fitness industry on a personal level. If you are looking to do anything in the fitness industry, their is a good chance Max has some insight on how to get their.

Check out our Cypress Personal Training Certification Program and meet Max.

Why Earn Your NASM – CPT

Becoming a certified personal trainer (CPT) qualifies you to work with many different populations of people and allows you the proper credentials to work just about anywhere. Not everyone is hiring someone with only a group fitness, yoga, Zumba or boxing certification, but almost every fitness facility or program is looking for a good certified personal trainer. Of course its a plus to have a specialty, such as group fitness, yoga or boxing, but these minor credentials that alone typically will get over looked in a resume pile. Your CPT lets employers know you understand how the body works and what type of exercise programming is required to help a client achieve their goals safely.

Sports Nutrition Specialization

Exercise is really only 25% of the whole picture when it comes to health. The other 75% is nutrition! Part of our base curriculum is a heavy emphasis on nutrition and how to implement a nutrition plan with the least amount of psychological or physiological stress on the client. Because we have an entire section of the course dedicated to nutrition we also issue a Nutrition Specialization Credential when you complete the program.

The Course Format

The course is (10) weeks in total duration and meets once a week. We have (5) sections that make up the course, which are (2) weeks each. Each section covers a chunk of material for the NASM textbook. Once done with your course, you will have covered all possible material that might show up on the NASM-CPT exam. In addition to covering material for the NASM exam, students will also practice leading workouts, creating short/long term exercise programming, Olympic style lifting, kettle bell training and much more.

Introductory Information and Orientation: Learn fitness terminology and learn how to make the most of your time with us

(2) Weeks | Human Anatomy and Physiology: Learn how all the human body systems work and how they work together

(2) Weeks | Nutrition and Weight Management: Learn about how the body utilizes Calories and different macronutrients (macros), and how to use that knowledge to successfully implement a goal specific nutrition program.

(2) Weeks | Assessments and Corrective Exercise: Learn how to properly assess a persons physiological status and how to correct musculoskeletal deficiencies.

(2) Weeks | BioMechanics and Program Design: Learn how to safely progress a clients workload and how to create short and long term, goal specific, exercise programming.

(2) Weeks | Sports Performance and The Business of Fitness: Learn the basics of applying agility, plyometrics and power training into a clients program, as well as what opportunities are out their for aspiring fitness professionals.

Job Placement Assistance

There is no lack of employers that want to hire our graduates in Cypress. From large commerical gyms like Golds, 24 Hr Fitness and LA Fitness, to out door boot camps like Camp Gladiator, they all want a qualified and knowledgeable Fitness Trainer Academy trainer to join their team. We allow employers to schedule presentations for current students, we have live job boards, we can even help facilitate interview with your idea employer after graduation. The support from us doesn’t end when you finish your course. We are your lifetime resource.

What Can A Certified Personal Trainer Expect to Earn

A personal trainer’s income in the US is between $42,000 and $72,000 with a national average of $59,000. If you are working part-time, expect to earn $25,000 to $35,000. The top 10% of trainers that work full time can expect to earn between $70,000 and $100,000 or more. The ability to thrive as a personal trainer is heavily dependent on a trainers ability to connect with others and convey a deep understanding of fitness and nutrition concepts. As with any job that involves sales,  you really get out of it, what you put into it.

What The Program Costs

The Fitness Trainer Academy is the most affordable program in Cypress for earning your CPT in a physical classroom setting with hands-on (in gym) training. There are similar programs, but none that offer the NASM-CPT + Sports Nutrition + Hands-On Training + Job Placement Assistance + All Your Materials Are Provided For You + The Ability To Re-Attend Parts or The Entire Course As Many Times As You Like.

Cost if paid in full upon registration: $1,599 Till 1/31 $1,199

Includes: CPR/AED Course, Uniform, NASM Textbook, Online Student Account and All Necessary Course Materials.

Cost if splitting total amount in (3) equal payments: $1,699 Till 1/31 $1,299 ($433/m x 3)

Includes: CPR/AED Course, Uniform, NASM Textbook, Online Student Account and All Necessary Course Materials.

Cost if using in-house payment plan: $1,799 Till 1/31 $1,399 ($299 Down & $219/m x 5)

Includes: CPR/AED Course, Uniform, NASM Textbook, Online Student Account and All Necessary Course Materials.

*These are our default options, if you would like to discussed a custom payment plan or enrollment package, please reach out.

**Testing fee for NASM exam is $399 when student is ready to take exam, subsequent retests are $199.

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