Fitness Success Story – Tim Bunakski

There are a multitude of awesome reasons to become a Certified Personal Trainer.   I have to admit though, the most rewarding thing I have experienced as a Fitness Trainer has to be seeing someone’s life change for the better.  Both physical and psychological transformations with your clients are truly amazing to watch.   To know that you have inspired someone else to better their health and set them on a course of physical confidence is the best feeling in the world.

This video is of FTA Gym member and my client Tim Bunalski.   Tim joined FTA gym North Austin / Pflugerville, back in December 2015.   When Tim joined, he had let him self go and was frequently spending his evenings drinking.   He came to the gym in search of a lifestyle change, and that’s exactly what he got.

In 4 months now of training, Tim is down nearly 35lbs.   Tim went from doing 0 pull-ups to knocking out 7-10 in a row!  He’s doing some of the most intense workouts that you can possibly put someone through.   The best part is, he walks into the gym with a confidence that you rarely see from people.

Tim will tell you that thanks to the gym…. he is a new man!

– C.J. Woodruff,  FTA Founder | CEO

Watch Tim Throw Down On A Killer Workout At FTA Gym North Austin / Pflugerville

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