The study of sports nutrition is an ever-expanding field that has gained more and more traction over recent years. Professional athletes as well weekend warriors are gaining the maximum benefit possible from supplying their bodies with the nutrients needed to excel. The importance of this field cannot be denied and, luckily for you, the Fitness Trainer Academy (FTA) offers top-notch fitness trainer certification. We offer the most comprehensive personal trainer courses to give our students the edge in their career fields. FTA is your source for the best sports nutrition course in the Houston area. Last week, we dove into how proper nutrition can help clients with their athletic performance. Today, we’ll spend more time looking at the macronutrients. Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are big contributors to sports nutrition and therefore are the focus of many nutritionists. The human body can be an amazing tool, but it needs the right fuel to improve. Because of this, sports nutrition is vital for keeping the machine moving!




Although this sounds counterintuitive to the uninformed ear, consuming fats is actually very beneficial for healthy weight management. Fats are a great source for energy, especially during times of sustained exercise. Despite the overall importance of these large molecules, proper maintenance should be taken to ensure that fats are consumed in appropriate doses. Fats are classified by falling into one of the following designations:

  • Saturated fats. This version is considered the bad guy when it comes to utilizing a healthy diet. Originating in processed foods and animal products, saturated fats raise your bad cholesterol and can quickly be absorbed by your body for fat storage for later. From a chemical standpoint, saturated fats have no double bonds with carbon molecules due to their saturation of hydrogen. Eating these saturated fats should only come in small amounts to minimize the risk of heart problems down the road.
  • Unsaturated fats. Seen as the unsung hero, these fats are a positive force for your heart health and raises your good cholesterol. Found in healthier foods such as oils and certain fish, unsaturated fats actually promote good health and will help in delivering sustained energy.

Utilizing the right types of nutrients can mean the difference between improving your athletic performance and burning out. Next time, we’ll conclude our epic blog trilogy with the remaining macronutrients that help people excel. If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, the Fitness Trainer Academy can help! Our comprehensive course load includes all aspects of what it takes to be a premium fitness instructor. Don’t waste your time learning from inferior instructors. FTA offers the best sports nutrition courses in the Houston area. Contact us today to see how our educational programs can get you started in an exciting, healthy career!