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    Fitness Fads That Have Failed The Test Of Time Part 1

    When it comes to becoming a personal trainer, you’ll come across some ideas and methods that are not up to par, to say the least. Misinformation is a common problem that has ailed fitness and health connoisseurs for centuries. Even our modern landscape has been afflicted by a lack of information and research, leading to wasted time and even serious injury. Our personal trainer courses are desig…Read More

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    The Importance Of Corrective Exercise

    When it comes to achieving health and fitness goals, many people do not take into account the risk of injury. From minor sprains to debilitating tears, the human body can absorb a lot of punishment. Often, these injuries are the result of some dysfunction within the body. Erroneous exercises can also be a large contributor to causing an injury. Becoming a personal trainer imbues citizens with a se…Read More

  3. The Importance Of Proper Sports Nutrition Part 3

    When it comes to optimally fueling your body for the best performance possible, proper nutrition should be one of the top priorities. The Fitness Trainer Academy offers the best sports nutrition courses in Houston and the surrounding areas. We offer the most comprehensive fitness trainer certification programs available today. Our sports nutrition courses help trainers to develop their own nutrit…Read More

  4. The Importance Of Proper Sports Nutrition Part 2

      The study of sports nutrition is an ever-expanding field that has gained more and more traction over recent years. Professional athletes as well weekend warriors are gaining the maximum benefit possible from supplying their bodies with the nutrients needed to excel. The importance of this field cannot be denied and, luckily for you, the Fitness Trainer Academy (FTA) offers top-notch fitness tr…Read More

  5. The Importance Of Proper Sports Nutrition Part 1

    When it comes to fitness trainer certification, the Fitness Trainer Academy reigns supreme. Combining our program with the National Academy Of Sports Medicine’s top-quality certification, you can be sure you’re at the top of your field. Our comprehensive course will help you become a top-notch personal trainer. Anyone interested in our program will learn the ins and outs of how to excel in t…Read More

  6. DIY Fitness Equipment Under $25

    One of the largest barrier to starting any fitness business or your own home gym is the cost of equipment. What if you could build your own equipment? Sounds awesome, right? Well you can thank us later, get out the drill and hacksaw now!   Wood Jump Boxes They are only wood, so why are they so expensive? LABOR! Watch this video to create your own jump boxes under $25.   Battle Ropes This…Read More

  7. Fitness Success Story – Tim Bunalski

    Fitness Success Story - Tim Bunakski There are a multitude of awesome reasons to become a Certified Personal Trainer.   I have to admit though, the most rewarding thing I have experienced as a Fitness Trainer has to be seeing someone's life change for the better.  Both physical and psychological transformations with your clients are truly amazing to watch.   To know that you have inspired someo…Read More

  8. Deadlift Party

    Deadlift Party With Dylan and Missy

    Deadlift Party At FTA Gym North Austin | Pflugerville Dylan and Missy from FTA Gym North Austin decided to throw down on deadlifts.  Check out the weight they moved! More Videos, Live Feeds, and Other Awesome Stuff At Our Facebook ---->> LIKE US ON FACEBOOK Become A Certified Personal Trainer At One Of Our 5 Texas Locations The Fitness Trainer Academy (FTA) offers a 60+ hour hands-on person…Read More

  9. “The Bear” Workout

    "The Bear" Workout At FTA Gym, North Austin Texas This was a BEAST of a workout (no pun intended).  Lindsay and C.J. powered through the "Bear Complex" which is a  barbell movement that was popularized by CrossFit.  This is a 5 step barbell movement that most commonly is strung together to flow as 1 rep. Each "Rep" Consists Of:  Power Clean Front Squat Push Press Back Squat Push Press From Beh…Read More

  10. 16.5 Crossfit Open

    FTA Instructor and Client Take On 16.5 Cross-Fit Open Worout

    This workout was tough! So our CEO and North Austin Texas Instructor, C.J. Woodruff, has been dabbling with cross-fit workouts a bit.  He's still very new to the world of cross-fit but is trying to develop some new skills and see what all the hype is about.   Along side his client and friend Tim, C.J. decided to try out the 16.5 cross-fit open workout   If you are not familiar with the cross-fi…Read More

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